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Skunkworks Group

Skunkworks is a small band of related businesses that together can create what you need. We deal with small businesses trying to get stuff that is just out of their reach, budget, or time to do.

Web Coding

What can I do for you? Well, I can give you a website that you can change the wording on. Without having to learn HTML.
If you can do use TradeMe you can do this...

I excel at functional sites that deliver the information to the customer promptly, clearly and with a minimum of clicking. Whether it's a product display, stock listing, or online catalogue.

Some of the sites I have done are listed in the Work section of this site. Have a look at them. Cheap and effective.

I create sites so the information can be updated by anyone authorised to do it. This means I do the design and layout with you, write the code and then you can change what it says on the site any time you please. All you do is launch your web browser, log in, select the text and change it. Done. No need to contact me. No extra charges for changes to the text. You have the control.

If design is not your thing I have professional design associates who can do you a high quality design.

If you want a site you control then my contact details are here.


Leigh is a keen amateur photographer with a special interest is motorcycles, particularly racing... If you want like to get her to take some of you, see the contact page.

There is a collection of some of her shots here