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Anything is possible

Skunkworks is a small band of related businesses that together can create what you need. We deal with small businesses trying to get stuff that is just out of their reach, budget, or time to do.

Many people have skills outside of the 'job training' and this is what Skunkworks sometimes works with. We utilise these skill sets to provide you with a lower cost result.

There are several separate sole traders and indiviuals under the Skunkworks banner. The role of Skunkworks is to point you to these trusted intities and ensure that that task is completed to your satisfaction.

Basic websites, light engineering, task analysis, CAD design, small home maintenance jobs, spray painting, project advice, car repairs and painting, graphic design... we can do almost anything.


We excel at functional sites that deliver the information to the customer promptly, clearly and with a minimum of clicking. Whether it's a product display, stock listing, or online catalogue.

Print Preparation

We can fix issues with your commercial print files before it costs you the disappointment or money for a reprint. We can also advise you before you start on the best way to achieve the result you want with the budget you have.

Light Engineering

From trailer repairs to new trailers (custom built to your needs), special tool making to rust repair for WOFs, we can do most jobs.

Home Maintenance

We can do various home repairs - mainly home handyperson work. If you're lacking a home handyperson and a builder costs too much, give us a call. Examples of our work include hanging shelves, installing new tapware, fixing windows, to repairing walls.

Car Repairs

Car maintenance can be a big cost just to keep older vehicles on the road. We know - our cars have an average year of 1988! We provide a repair service that is cheaper as we don't have the overheads and tools required for modern cars. Suspension bushes, wheel bearings, clutches. This we do. We don't do electronics (though we can fit stereos or central locking systems).