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There are several reasons for having a website. All are valid. But to help design and setup your site you should have a clear idea of what you want one for.

So, what do you want the website to do for you? Here are some reasons for a site:
Selling goods
Displaying products
Telling people news
Introducing yourself
Selling skills
To provide contact information

There are other reasons too. Don't ask for a website; ask for a website that will do something.

Get together a list of sites you like the look of or that do something you like. Visit them often and see if you still like that feature. Is it still 'cool' or is it now 'irritating'? Give the ones you like to the designer. This will speed up the design process getting the cost to you down.

This could be anything from in-site search to uploading of images and editing of the text by selected users. It's best if this is requested at quote stage rather than after the final site is complete. The process of writing the code is very different depending on what must be done by the site.